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New Orleans Plantation Fences – Secure and Enhance the Look of Your Home

What do plantation fences have to do with New Orleans? Most houses and businesses that were built before 1900 have some type of plantation fence on their property.

Plantation fences are made from various types of wood and can be used for both residential and commercial properties.

We will cover everything you need to know about these iconic structures so that you can get more information on how they might benefit your home or business!

What Is A Plantation Fence?

Plantation fences are a type of fence that was historically used in the Southern United States. Plantation fences were used to demarcate the boundary between a plantation and the surrounding land. The fences were typically made out of wood and were quite tall.

The plantation fence was not just used to mark the boundary of a plantation, but also served as a deterrent against intruders. The height of the fence ensured that people could not easily see what was going on inside the plantation, and the sharp points at the top of the fence prevented

Plantation fences are typically made from wood and are often quite ornate.

Why Are Plantation Fences Used In New Orleans?

Plantation fences were brought to New Orleans by the French settlers. The plantation fences in New Orleans are often quite different from the plantation fences found elsewhere in the South. Many of the plantation fences are made from wrought iron.

How Much Does A Plantation Fence Cost?

The cost of a plantation fence varies depending on the size and type of fence. A plantation fence can cost anywhere from several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars.

The Different Types Of Plantation Fences

There are many different types of plantation fences. Some of the most popular ones include:

  • Chain-link fences
  • Wood fences
  • Brick walls
  • Iron fences

These plantation fences are much more popular in the city of New Orleans because they provide a sense of security.

They can also be found all over the country, but they are most common around plantations where people want to protect their property from intruders or wild animals.

These plantation fences will typically last for many years if taken care of properly.

How Are Plantation Fences Installed?

Many plantation fences are installed by a professional company that has been doing this for many years.

They have all of the right equipment and materials to create plantation fences that will provide people with security, safety, and protection from any animals who may wander onto their property.

The installation process typically takes around one week. The plantation fences are also very sturdy, so they can withstand even the harshest weather conditions like rain and wind.

However, plantation fences should be treated just like any other type of fence. They need to have routine maintenance in order to keep them from rusting or wearing down for many years.

If plantation fences are taken care of properly they can last a lifetime and provide all the protection you would ever want out of a fence.

Benefits Of A Plantation Fence In New Orleans

Plantation fences offer a number of benefits for property owners in New Orleans.

  • For one, plantation fences provide privacy and security for your home or property.
  • They can also add value to your home or property, and plantation fences are a great way to enhance the look of your home or property.
  • Additionally, plantation fences can improve the appearance of your neighborhood and make it look more attractive.

If you’re considering installing a plantation fence in New Orleans, be sure to contact a reputable fencing contractor for assistance.

Fencing contractors can help you choose the right plantation fence for your home or property, and they can install it quickly and efficiently.

So if you’re looking for a way to improve the appearance of your home or property, consider installing a plantation fence in New Orleans. Contact us today to learn more!

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