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Solar Screens New Orleans – Increase Comfort And Energy Efficiency In Any Home Or Business

The beautiful view or sunshine may prompt you to turn up the heat, but this will only cost your energy bills in the end!

Big Easy Gates is a company that specializes in supplying solar screens in New Orleans and shade options to homes, offices, and businesses dedicated to reducing their energy footprint.

If you’re considering installing these products at your home or business location give us a call for a free estimate on installation costs!

What Are Solar Screens?

Solar Screens on BuildingsSolar screens are made of highly durable material that reflects natural light appropriately and reduce temperatures inside by 12 degrees Fahrenheit on average – so not only do they help protect our health with minimal impact on comfort levels like those awful drafty old windows out there.

But it also helps reduce cooling costs for homeowners who want minty cool rooms year-round without draining bank accounts trying all sorts an air conditioning units ever did!

These solar shades are made from materials that block UV rays and prevent your home’s interior temperature from rising too high in direct sunlight; they’re perfect for any room where natural light is desired but not needed because it gets hot during midday hours.

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A solar screen is a window shade that lets in sunlight while blocking harmful UV rays. It’s especially important to use one of these during the hot summer months when exposure can burn your skin and damage furniture!

It’s important to note that while solar screens do slightly obstruct your view, they are adjustable and you can still enjoy what’s going on around you when the sunlight begins affecting how effective air conditioning is.

Solar screens are a great way to beat the heat in summer and enjoy moderate natural light all year round. Unlike traditional solar shade, this type of window doesn’t completely block your view outside or inside (and you’ll still be able to see clearly). Different levels protect from 80% UV rays up to 90%.

Solar Screen Installation Advantages

Solar screens can be an excellent way to curb energy costs and protect your home from harmful UV rays, and regulations on windows.

They come with many advantages such as:

Solar Screens on House

  • You can keep your floor protected from the harmful effects of sunlight
  • UV light and sunlight, even if it’s just for a few minutes on some sunny days can cause damage to your furniture. You can protect what you love with the help of solar screens in New Orleans.
  • The sun’s heat is a powerful source of UV radiation that can cause cancer. Solar shades protect your skin from these harmful UV rays.
  • Improving your home’s energy efficiency can help save money.
  • With a solar screen, you can keep your electronics safe from glare without needing to close all of the window curtains.
  • With this solar shade, you can enjoy more privacy without giving up the view or natural light.

Those with solar screens installed at their windows can enjoy a more comfortable environment year-round.

Many of our clients in New Orleans install them for this reason: they want employees that are less likely to suffer heat stroke or other ailments due to too much sunlight exposure while working in windowless rooms with no natural ventilation systems.

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Retractable screens are perfect for those who want protection from the sun without having to retreat indoors. They come in many different shapes and sizes, so you’ll be able to find one that suits your needs!

Have you been looking for a company to install high-quality retractable solar screens? Our team of experts is here at the right time! We have designed our products in collaboration with architects and designers, making sure that they offer comfort as well as protection against Rouge.

Contact us today so we can assess and measure the area where you’d like to install your New Orleans home’s retractable solar screens.

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