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New Orleans Interior Railings – Improve Protection and Quality of Life

When you’re looking for professionals to install your new railing, it can be hard work. You have no idea who will show up on time and do what they say!

We always recommend asking friends or family for referrals before relying solely on Google reviews because those aren’t always accurate either.

It might not seem like much of an investment but trust me – these are people we care deeply about so take some extra effort here by getting someone else’s input into choosing wisely.

Many people want to add a little extra safety to their homes by adding interior railings. The big question is, who can help me?

Big Easy Gates has the answer! We can help you with all your interior railing needs. We have the perfect solution for every kind of home and budget!

What is an Interior Railing?

Interior railings provide added support and enhance safety within your home by preventing people from falling over stairs, down pits, and platforms.

Typically, we tend to take staircases for granted and often underestimate the value of railings.

Over time, however, it is sometimes observed that these can become rickety or break off completely. If this happens, you might not only lose your footing but also fall down and injure yourself.

As such, if you want to be safe from such slips and falls within your home area then it is a good idea to use interior railings to maintain the safety and stability of your home.

Why Use Interior Railings?

One might wonder if there is any point in getting such railings installed within their homes when they seem like such an ordinary accommodation.

The fact, however, remains that every small aspect within your home plays an important role and, as such, serves a particular purpose.

Having good interior railings forms an essential part of the physical safety within your homes as well as creates a sense of security for those living there.

Benefits of Interior Railings

  • Adds timeless value to your home
  • Helps prevent falls – especially for the elderly and children
  • Provide added security within your home, thus creating a healthy environment for kids and pets
  • Incorporate elegant designs within your home
  • Enhance the structural stability of your home

A selection of different types of railings is available from Big Easy Gates including those which allow you to adjust the height to suit your individual needs.

Custom Interior Railing Installation Services in New Orleans

Big Easy Gates specializes in railings for the interior of your home. After years in the business, we have realized that many people would prefer custom railings to add safety and functionality to their homes, but don’t know where to turn to.

The reason?

Many companies will not work on projects inside a building because they cannot guarantee their products. Our railing hardware is coated in an invisible powder that will prevent any harm to you or your family members should you slip and fall.

We never use the same finishes on the interior as we do for exterior railings, making our fittings virtually invisible.

Custom Interior Railing Steps

Interior railings- Big Easy gatesWe can work with any design or style, but our most requested are traditional. We will meet you at your home to examine the space and understand exactly what you want to be done.

We know that some homeowners don’t have floor plans, but we need measurements of certain areas to give you a price quote on your project. This also helps us to visualize what you are trying to accomplish.

Here are the steps in our custom railings process:

  1. Measure out the space you want your railing in with measuring tape.
  2. Take photos of each area and email them to Big Easy Gates via the Contact Us page on this website.
  3. We will send back a quote that includes pricing for materials, installation, and any other details you need to know about your project.

Work With Big Easy Gates

This is the place for you if your home needs a makeover. Hiring railing contractors can often feel like running an experiment on risky terrain–but it doesn’t have to be that way!

Big Easy Gates professionals will bring years of experience and high-quality work every time they show up at our customers’ houses, so now there’s no gamble in finding what type of help best suits you.

We offer free estimates and will work within your budget to locate a solution that is customized to your needs. We also provide incentives for the use of our products and services.

To learn more about our Railing Services, contact us or visit our website now!

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